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Rudolf Nureyev Foundation Medical Website


The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation’s activities through the Medical Website provide dancers and healthcare professionals with resources and education to promote and improve the health, wellbeing and performance of dancers.
These activities serve the wishes set out by Rudolf Nureyev when he established his Foundation in 1975. Two of the principal goals of the Foundation were to help young and talented dancers and to support medical, scientific and humanitarian causes. Thus, the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation aims to provide an evidence base of scientific and medical research to inform training, performance and healthcare for young and talented dancers through the Medical Website. We also aim to promote the development of progressive, research-informed dance practice and essential physical and psychological wellbeing of all dancers by creating and teaching workshops internationally.
The Medical Website is administrated through a partnership between The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation and One Dance UK, the national advocate and support organisation for dance in the United Kingdom. A Medical Advisory Board of leading healthcare practitioners, scientists and dance practitioners oversee and develop the content of the Medical Website as well as our international educational workshops.

The Medical Website

The Medical Website is a library of brief resources and links to digital information. Our current materials include a comprehensive listing of the abstracts from the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) annual conferences from 2000-2014, and research and conference proceedings from other international events. The website’s abstracts and research infrmation are updated once annually and news, events and dancers' health articles are updated monthly to reflect the most up to date information in dance medicine and science, teaching practice and advice for dancers.

International Educational Workshops

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation devises educational workshops for dancers, choreographers, directors, teachers and artistic staff. Workshops are created and delivered in partnership with established dance organisations, such as RESEO, or through relationships with dance companies or schools. In partnership with our Medical Advisory Board, these workshops apply evidence from research into dance training and performance. Workshops are practical and interactive, and are delivered by leading expert and healthcare professionals, scientists, dancers and teachers who are experienced in performance enhancement, talent development, healthcare and scientific research among athletes and dancers. To learn more, click here, or to book a workshop, please email: erin.sanchez@onedanceuk.org