International Educational Workshops

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation’s international educational workshop programme has been created in partnership with the Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board and One Dance UK's Healthier Dancer Programme. The educational workshops are an initiative to promote improved performance and health of professional and training dancers by connecting them with the most current practices for preventing and treating injury; developing fitness, strength and flexibility; and promoting nutritional health.  
Workshops are designed specifically for dance students, professional dancers or dance leaders (choreographers, directors, teachers and artistic staff), with a primary aim to promote the development of progressive, research-informed dance practice and essential physical and psychological wellbeing of all dancers.
Workshops will be delivered by members of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science; leading healthcare professionals, scientists, dancers and teachers who are experienced in performance enhancement, talent development, healthcare and scientific research among athletes and dancers. 
Workshop subjects*
- Nutrition - This practical workshop explores optimal nutrition and hydration for dancers, including budgeting for healthy food, recipe ideas and how to schedule meals around classes, rehearsals and performances. Energy for performance as well as balancing nutrition and training to optimize shape and leanness will be discussed.
- Strength and flexibility training for dancers - Ballet class focuses on building technique and artistic expression for performance. Supplemental conditioning and fitness exercises developing strength, cardiovascular capacity and power have been shown in research to support dancers’ technical training and reduce injuries. In this session, dancers will learn ballet-specific conditioning exercises and how adding these elements to their training can improve performance.
- Building psychological skills for performance - This talk explores why some dancers are more confident than others and how to manage anxiety to optimise performance. It also explores how dancers can use psychological tools, including positive self-talk, imagery, goal setting and mental rehearsal to prepare effectively for performance.
*If you would like a specific subject not listed here, we are happy to develop specific workshops to suit your needs.
Workshops can be offered in a variety of languages, including French, Portuguese, German, English, Italian and Spanish.
The Foundation has generously committed to covering the cost of the speakers’ time, so the only fees payable by the booking organisation will be the cost of travel (from the UK) and accommodation for speakers if necessary.
To learn more or to book a workshop, please email: